Upcoming Courses (Spring 2011)

ECE / LING 594: Mathematical Models of Language
S. Levinson

ENGL 380/INFO 390: Writing in a Digital World
S. Schaffner

HIST 475: U.S. Public Health and Health Policy
E. Melhado

HIST 498: Fads, Health and Wellness
S. Vostral

HIST 502: Bodies and Evidence
L. Reagan

KINES 594: Bodies in Science and Culture
M. Littlefield

MDIA590: Digital Media Theory Seminar: Participatory Media and Identity
L. Nakamura

MDIA / LIS 590: Unorthodox Research Methods
C. Sandvig

Current Courses

CAS 587: Interpreting Technoscience: Explorations in Identity, Culture and Democracy;
Rayvon Fouché

CMN 529: Multiple Topic Seminar in Communication Theory

ECE 594 / LING 594: Mathematical Models of Language;
S. Levinson

GWS 198 / ENGL 199: Women, Science, and Engineering;
S. Vostral

HIST 498: Diseases and Devices;
S. Vostral

HIST 502B: Prob in Comparative History - Oral History as a Research Tool;
L. Hoddeson

INFO 490 GG: Game Design: Creating Virtual Worlds; 
G. Garnett

MDIA 590: Digital Media, Transmedia, and Virtual Spaces;
L. Nakamura

MS 326: Multiple Topics on New Media, Culture & Society

MS 391 (H): Chinese Media;
W. Chen

MS 391 (326): Digital Media and Virtual Worlds;
J. Dibbell, L. Nakamura

MS 391 (J): Television Studies;
J. Hay

PHIL 318 / HIST 366: Scientific Thought II;
P. Maher

An Incomplete List of Previously-Offered Courses

CHP 396A: Scientific Discovery and the Reinvention of Identity

CMN 280: Communication, Technology & Society

CMN 529 CS / MDIA 590 CS: Unorthodox Research Methods

CMN 496CS: Making the World Wireless 

CMN 496CS: Internet Law & Policy

ENGL 106D: Technologies of Literature

ENGL 461: American Technolgical Sublime: Technology, Literature, and Utopia in Early American Literature

INFO 490CS: Play and Technology

PHIL 317 / HIST 363: Scientific Thought I

MDIA 577: Philosophy of Technology

MS 391: Entrepreneurship and the Creative Industries